Here’s another roundup of process pics by some of my favorites: StrawberrylunaBrianstormDan Grzeca and Jordan Buckley. People keeping busy and producing good work. This is stuff I like to see.

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“"Coffee, Thee & Me", 1st color down! #wip #screenprinting #processpics” - strawberryluna
“Looks way darker in this photo, but ere is the 2nd color for "Coffee, Thee & Me"! #screenprinting #wip #processpics” - strawberryluna
“Last layer, here we go! "Coffee, Thee & Me" 3 color silkscreen. #wip #screenprinting #processpics” - strawberryluna
“BFFs! All done: Our "Coffee, Thee & Me" 3 color silkscreen art print. #wip #screenprinting #processpics” - strawberryluna


“Making progress! Anyone have ideas for color?” - wearebrainstorm
“About halfway! Achey fingers.” - wearebrainstorm
“Finished around 1 am. Scan time.” - wearebrainstorm

Dan Grzeca

“Progress on Fortress of solitude” - jetsah
“Crayon and ink seps for Mogwai” - jetsah

Jordan Buckley