Not enough can be said about the great Art Chantry, considered to be one of the most important and influential rock poster designers of the last 30 years. While being a very versatile graphic designer, his posters are unmistakable: typically looking lo-fi, made up of appropriated collaged elements and hand-drawn type. And by lo-fi, I don’t just mean the aesthetic. What makes Art’s work so special is his process which doesn’t rely heavily on computers for layout, rather choosing to work by hand as much as possible. The subject matter of many of his posters is heavily influenced by 60s hot rod culture and garage rock which can be seen most notibly on his work for the great Estrus record label. Art also played a big part in defining the aesthetic of the Seattle grunge scene in the 90s by doing poster work for bands such as Nirvana.

There’s a ton of great info out there on Art and I highly recommend seeking out as much as you can find if you’re not familiar with his work. But to get a real taste of Art’s personality, I highly recommend following him on Facebook. His Facebook timeline is more than your typical status updates. His entries are full essays on art and graphic design history. It’s really a shame all this great content can only be found on Facebook. Oh well, maybe someday Art will start a blog (don’t count on it).