This week’s Poster Pick is by the fantastic UK designer, illustrator and screenprinter Graham Pilling, also known as Army of Cats. Graham is constantly coming up with fun concepts for his work and his latest Dungeon Drops series is one of his finest ideas to date. I know it may be hard to believe, but many of us designers (myself included) grew up as big old nerds. In fact some of us never grew out of it. Thankfully for us, neither has Graham. For his Dungeon Drops series, Graham harkens back to the days of dungeon masters and 12-sided dice with a beautifully illustrated array of the D&D tools of the trade: swords, daggers, arrows and even a mace. This series comes in a set of five three color screen prints, edition of 45.

Head over to Graham’s shop where you can order the first set online and stick around to checkout some of his other gig posters, art prints and more.