At the risk of appearing to be a stalker of Graham Pilling (Army of Cats), I’m writing back-to-back posts about this prolific gentleman. I couldn’t resist. It’s such a treat when a poster artist takes the time to live Instagram/Tweet their process. It serves as great insight for folks like me who are still cutting their teeth in printing and I’m sure is just as fun to watch for the seasoned pro. Thanks Graham for sharing what looks to be a wonderful poster in the making. Stay tuned for an update when Graham (hopefully!) posts process picks on the remaining colors later this week on Twitter (@armyofcats).

Studio was free so I thought, sod it, let’s start printing now. Seps are ready
First couple of colours are ready
Blue colour down. Went swimmingly.
Nice smooth job
Very pleased with the level of detail. The print gods have smiled upon me.
Cleany screeny
The Yellow process
That’s how I register
How it’s lookin’