Award winning comic artist Michael DeForge has got to be one of the hardest working dudes in comics today, or at least his output of work would make it appear as such. Michael balances creating anthologies and web comics on top of his day job as a character designer on Adventure Time. His latest anthology Lose #4  was recently released via Koyama Press and is characteristic of his wildly surreal and often grotesque style. Here’s an expert of the official write-up of Lose #4 from the Koyama Press website:

This issue—“The Fashion Issue”—features a post-adolescent punk’s leather-and-spike-laced metamorphosis, a look at the lives and fashions of the exquisite corpses that make up the Canadian Royalty, and a town that is haunted by its past, which happens to look a lot like its present.

If you’re not already a fan of Michael’s work, you soon will be. Be sure to follow his blog to keep up with all the great work he’s releasing and pick up Lose #4 from the Secret Acres website.

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