The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) is fast approaching in June and I couldn’t be more excited. Now in its 2nd year, CAKE is a weekend-long comic expo in Chicago that features a wide range of underground and alternative comic artists from Chicago and beyond. The weekend is packed with exciting events like workshops, exhibitions, panel discussions, and of course tons of great comic artists selling their merchandise. Special guests this year include Kim Deitch, Michael DeForge, Charles Forsman and The Collective Stench to name a few. Full details at

Featured here is the new 2013 CAKE Digest which includes of some Chicago’s best alternative cartoonists, some of which will be exhibiting at the event: Lale Westvind, Andy Burkholder, Otto Splotch, Jo Dery, Ben Bertin, Max Morris, Krystal Di Fronzo and Grant Reynolds. You can pick one up at Quimby’s.