Tim Hensley’s wonderful mini-comic/zine series from the 1990s, Ticket Stub, has been recently collected in into a single volume by Oakland, CA small press publisher Yam Books. As the story goes, Tim was working as a closed-caption editor, creating subtitles for movies and TV shows and created the bulk of these comics in his spare time on the job. The very films and shows he was captioning served as his inspiration, creating panels from the film stills. His subjects ranged from films like Magnolia to Killer Klowns From Outer Space to classics like Annie Get Your Gun. Hensley’s interpretations of these films really shines through in the bizarre copy and dialog he adds which comes across as like some sort of absurd academic critique.

Visually, Ticket Stub is a treat. Hensley has a style of linework that really queues up his sense of humor and his use of hand-drawn typography is very well done. The overall presentation is pulled together with a great book design utilizing a rough matte, off-white paper with a single dark purple ink and a die cut at the bottom to make the book resemble the shape of an actual ticket stub.

Pick up a copy of Ticket Stub directly from the Yam Books website or you can find it at a number of finer comic shops around the U.S.

Images via Yam Books