Daniel Michael Clark is a printmaker and sound artist from London who creates haunting print imagery along with improvised sound collages. These unique audio and visual pieces are meant to be experienced together and are presented as a single work.

Black Billowing Clouds is Daniel’s latest work which is a collection of drawings, etchings and sound recordings from the last two years. The audio portion of the piece is made up of fragmented conversations, improvised music, and found sounds culled from hours of what he calls his “audio sketchbook”. The accompanying printmaking process is created with drypoint sketches on aluminium and etching on copper and steel plates which are then printed on to hand-waxed, dyed and de-bossed inserts to an audio cassette. The end result is a dreamlike audio and visual experience that feels as spontaneous as the processes used to create it.

You can see/hear more of Daniel’s work and order a copy of Black Billowing Clouds directly from his website: www.danielmichaelclark.com.