Apologies for cross-posting, but I couldn’t be more excited to announce a new project I’ve just launched called Believed Behavior. It’s been close to a year in the works and I’m truly honored to be presenting contributions from some of my favorite cartoonists.

Believed Behavior is a curated, subscription-based website that serializes comics by alternative cartoonists. The first season is now live and features new comics by an amazing group of cartoonists all hailing from Chicago:

Andy Burkholder
Krystal DiFronzo
Edie Fake
Grant Reynolds
Jeremy Tinder

Here’s how it works. As a subscriber you get access to the newest comic panels online as they are released on At the end of it all subscribers get a 12 page newsprint anthology collecting all the work from the season.

Head over to and you can preview the first nine panels of each story. If you like what you see, go to and become a subscriber!