Michael Olivo is an Oakland-based cartoonist and illustrator who has been creating some truly unique work, most of which can be found in his inspiring Flickr photostream that offers a great glimpse into his creative process and development. Of particular interest to me is his 4-part sci-fi/fantasy comic series titled DCXXXL, published by Never Press.

The latest installment of the series is #2 which continues to follow a group of three detectives (White Whistle Detectives) who are investigating the mysterious “Murder In Rock”. The story takes a bizarre and violent turn when one of the detectives becomes possessed by a floating head and is given the ability to see through the eyes of a new mysterious and otherworldly character.

Like the first issue, #2 is drawn in a dynamic and surreal fashion that gives the story a dream-like and often disorienting quality. Olivo’s characters roll through panels with a real sense of movement and space that sometimes has you questioning which way is up or down. But unlike many comics of this genre, the narrative never gets so abstract that you feel lost as a reader.

Also worthy of note is the fantastic printing and book design which includes a 2-color (purple and red) cover on canary paper and single-color (purple) interior on cream paper, all printed via Risograph.

You can purchase DCXXXL issues 1 and 2 directly from the Never Press website and be on the look-out for issues 3 and 4 in 2014.