Alabaster is a New York-based cartoonist who makes beautiful hand-made comics. Her work is primarily sequential-based and the craft of bookmaking plays a big role in what makes her work really stand out. In 2012 Hic and Hoc Publications published her charming book The Complete Talamaroo and she is currently in the process of serializing another long-form story called Mimi and the Wolves. In 2013 she self-published a prequel to the Mimi and the Wolves saga called Wool and Gin, a 5.5” x 7.25” mini comic with a screen printed cover and photocopied interior.

Wool and Gin follows the story of Mimi, a small cat-like character who lives in a fairy-tale land inhabited by a variety of anthropomorphic characters. Mimi is on a journey away from home and has a peculiar experience with a mysterious yet hospitable alpaca. Along the way, Mimi struggles with demons from her past as she tries to make new friends in a new land.

What I loved about Wool and Gin is how the style of storytelling seems deeply personal, almost like an autobio of Mimi’s personal struggles, wrapped up in a fairy tale adventure. The illustration feels effortless, with great pacing and page composition and Alabaster’s drawing style is cute enough to appeal to a younger audience but dark enough at times to keep older readers engaged.

Unfortunately Wool and Gin was a limited edition and is currently sold out, but I highly encourage heading over to Alabaster’s web shop to check out some more work she has available.

UPDATE: I was just informed that one of the stories in featured here (Gin) first appeared in the 3rd volume of the anthology Irene and you can order a copy of that here.

UPDATE 2: I was also just informed that Alabaster has plans to reprint Wool and Gin sometime in the Spring, so be on the lookout for the 2nd edition!

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