Tyranny of the Muse is a new comic collaboration between writer Eddie Wright and illustrator/cartoonist Jesse Balmer which is based on a novella Wright had written titled Broken Bulbs. The premise of the story revolves around a central character Frank, who is a junkie in desperate need for a fix. But Frank isn’t a junkie in the typical sense, his addiction is creative inspiration which he chooses to receive through… injection. And Frank’s muse is the dealer of this illicit inspiration drug, but she also plays part in a bizarre romance between the two.

Wright is playing with a clever and disturbing metaphor, juxtaposing the self-destructive nature of an addict with the often self-destructive nature of an artist within the creative process. Both are looking for a form of happiness and satisfaction, and in the case of this artist with writer’s block the choice is to shortcut natural inspiration with a chemically induced one.

Balmer’s illustration is striking and grotesque while doing a great job of enhancing the urgency and destructive nature of the subject matter. At points, the main character Frank is literally melting away during what could be described as a personal meltdown. Bulmer’s high-contrast inking and excellent hatchwork are a great compliment to the overall feel of the book.

tyranny10 tyranny06 tyranny29

This being the first in the series, it’s just a taste of what is to come which I’m hoping will be equally as intense. I’m looking forward to it!

You can purchase a copy of Tyranny of the Muse at tyrannyofthemuse.com/shop and you can read this first part online at studygroupcomics.com. And stay tuned for the next installment of Tyranny of the Muse which will available soon online at the always fantastic studygroupcomics.com.

Images via studygroupcomics.com.