Red Right Hand One is the first of a comic series that is a collaboration with writers Ryan Crawford and Eric Margolis and illustrator/cartoonist James Heimer. The story kicks off with an explosive encounter in a bar between a couple Jesus Lizard fans and the man himself, David Yow. If you are at all familiar with the antics of the 90s noise-rock icon Yow, then it would come as no surprise who initiates the destruction in this scene. The two are then recruited by Yow on a bloody crusade to “cleanse the world” the “abominations” of bad art, starting with none other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Heimer compliments the violence and absurdity of the story with a series of beautifully composed, action-packed panels. And Heimer’s blocky, almost cubism character designs paired with a chunky inking style make for a book with loads of style that even works great as eye candy alone.

You can buy Red Right Hand One from James Heimer’s Etsy site and keep on the lookout for the upcoming 2nd volume that looks as though it has Metallica on its radar.

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