I’m excited to announce that Printed-Matters is now The Backslant!

Back when I started this blog it was focused on reviewing screen printed gig posters and art prints. Over time the content selections began to shift towards alternative print and small press comics. Then eventually I was focusing all of my energy on full comics reviews and I have to admit it was pretty exhausting. I couldn’t keep up and make it worthwhile so the blog went dormant.

Around the same time I started focusing more energy on my own small press publishing venture Believed Behavior which consumed even more free time.

So why the comeback and name change? Mostly because I wanted a fresh start. Plus, over the years the name Printed-Matters caused quite a bit of confusion with the famous artists’ books store with a very similar name. And I wanted to re-focus the content on short reviews of self-published and small press comics and zines.

So that’s the story of The Backslant! Hope you stick around for the new posts I have planned.